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Related post: Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 23:07:52 EST From: Subject: Quarry Hole. Chapter 14.Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is bbs porno forum illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one another. Please write: I would love to hear if you like my story. Quarry Hole. Chapter 14.There is just something magnificent to a boy who bbs model pics watches another boy....stares deep into his face....watching all his toyboy muscles clench and tighten....and just sees him....CUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!Things had gone quiet....finally! What a lunch hour these kids all had....nothin' would ever come close to toppin' this! Then in the midst of every kid's feverish gasping recovery....need I mention how many kids shot their boxers full of spoo without so much as a helping hand?There out of the tables in the middle came one sturdy young dude...walking somewhat wobbly, although boldly, no doubt soggy in the shorts, to the quarry boys' table.Holding out a small trembly hand, he shook hands with Scott, and said, " name's Sean.....and I'm um...a'posed to meet you all at the quarry for bbs forum xxx"Joey blurted...."Fer a BLOWJOB dickweed?" Laughter burst out all around the several tables nearby.The young dude nodded turning all shades of red, hanging his head freeyoung bbs while he nodded.The kids gave him time and directions and he said he wanted his big brother Rory who graduated the last year to come with him. Scott shrugged and said, "We looking forward to it dude...the more cock the merrier for ol' Kurt here," Scott added as he pulled Kurt's cum slick face out from under the table. sex bbs toplist He stuck his fingers into Kurt's mouth and pushed down on his tongue muscle making it squiggle around....he kept doin' it and doin' it....while he said, "Just think...kid... whutsyername? Oh yeh, Sean....pitcher that squiggling raspy tongueswab wrapping it's whole self 'round your meaty little dick three hours fum now pussyboi....think of these here lips suck-guppying around your root and'jer balls....can yuh stand it????"The kid buckled at the knees and his knuckles blanched as he held tight to the edge of the table....Jerry whistled, pointed and yowled...."Lookit him....hunchin' man...l bet the fucker's cummin' right where he stands.....right fuckin' here in fronna us.... They all went quiet and got that smile....With nn model ls bbs all the noise and ruckus, and what bbs kids girls foto with his aftercum still peaking, and his weakened body trembling, Mark could barely think about Sean standing there in the exact same state he was after Kurt took him off minutes ago. Sean was creaming his boxers while everybody hooted and pointed.Quarry Hole. Chapter 14.Mark's mind was way far away....well not that was in last night...the softball Petite young bbs fucking field, the dark, Scott, Scott's coaxing, pleading-like voice. The voice of his best friend....begging him to play with his cock. Then....and oh goddddd....then he pulled bbs sex lilitas his protesting face and upper body over that buddy prick....and d-o-w-n.... d-o-w-n.....d-o-w-n....and against his tightened then giving lips and then ohmigodddddd....he yelled in the deep recesses of his teen mind.The taste...taste of a cock...another kid's dick! He tasted...licked...another kid's...his best friend's....cock!His head spun wildly....he felt like he was blacking out....then there, sick to his belly....and then....geeeeeez....then...there was the....sucking....mannnnn.....he sucked his bud's pud! He fuckin' devoured it. He even could 'member the sound of the sluppy-shlkky sounds coming from the corners of his mouth ever time the lip seal to that boymeat was broken....and even...oh....godddd....the drool...fuckin' spit and dick slop droozing out under Scott's dick and down his chin.Scott's voice reverberated in his head when the boy realized Mark had swallowed 'his stuff.' Then there was the feel of Scott's hand to the sex bbs boys tgp back of his head as he went for a second cum.He drifted far away as his mind's eye spied the hulking buddy hovering above him as he sought entry to his boybunger.Till just this moment...the reality of it all hadn't really hit him. He remembered their walking arms around shoulders off the ballfield and out of the park. How Scott had talked in just above a whisper to him about how "Just to know I've had my dick inside you every way. It so good to know bbs kds tgp I've been inside...IN-SIDE my best bbs forbiden bud!" and he squeezed Mark's shoulders tight.Mark felt so excited....feary....but russians bbs excited...then shamey too. And then, more excited while he listened to Scott describe Mark's submission to him....his cock...and...."his stuff."He sat there in the din of the raucous an aftercum of Kurt's having just blowed him in public, and his mind raced through his and Scott's walk home last night. How they had walked already more than half way home, and how little angels bbs Scott's hand dug into the back of his shorts and his finger sqoozed into the leftover cum mush in little russians bbs his butt hole while veering them both off the walk at that one point, and back of a hedge row. He pushed his cum slick stink finger into Mark's mouth as he eased Mark down to his knees. It all happened so fast this time. Fly open, cock out hump-fuckin' boyface, spooge seeping down the back of his throat.Then..thennnnn....Scott looked very seriously into Mark's upturned spit-slick face, and while he gently touched and lifted....touched and lifted his sticky cock knob to Mark's tongue...he said over sven bbs nicepix bbs and over...."Ever' day....ever' day....right after quarry....we'll be jus' like' dick...yer mouth....ever' day....ever' day......"Mark didn't sleep the whole night. He relived the free porn bbs young blow jobs...all three of them. The butt fucking he took from his best friend. He ran to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash out his mouth....and after squeezing voyeur bbs sex the paste teen bbs topsites to the brush, he stared at it....ran eleweb bbs his tongue around his mouth, breathed in through his nose and slowly out of his mouth heating the air below his nose....he could smell Scott's cock....his cum....still!He went into his room after washing the unused paste off the toothbrush. Shutting the light, he flopped to his bed still dressed in the moonlit room. He ground his cock into the bedcovers and reached into the seat of his pants and as he relived Scott's surging prick thrilling him like he'd never been thrilled before...he humped deep into the bedspread and held tight as his own finger sought his newly deflowered boypussy.By the time the alarm went off to the rock sounds of virgin bbs nude his clockradio, Mark had lived out his first night of service to Scott a thousand times....the tastes...the smells....the feels.....ohhhhhhhhhh! He was naked on top of the spread but never remembered taking his clothes off. His finger was in his pucker...actually...two fingers were worming around and in and out, and over and over, as he flogged his peter wildly arching and bucking up on bbs xxx forum his shoulders and heels as he shot wildly....When he flopped down exhausted....he seemed to remember he'd been whipping off all fucking night! But he wasn't sure of anything anymore....except...his dick felt a bit raw to the touch. Kurt's mouth swabbing his meat under the cafeteria table was a most pleasing feel to Mark's sore pud.Scott, for his part, didn't think of but a few things the night before, or this morning, after having himself a deep, sound restful sleep. Every time he looked at Mark...or thought of him, he would say to himself, "Mark sucked my prick. Licked it. Swallowed my jizz. THREE TIMES! Gived boys top bbs me his cherry. Mannnn! I been in his holes. I been inside my buddy. And I'm gonna be inside my buddy for fuckin' ever!"As he watched Mark's aftercum bbs fashion baby forum glow there at the table, he smiled a big broad smile that Mark sheepishly matched and nodded as they slapped hands, and yet Scott was screaming inside himself...."IN-fucking-SIDE! I was fuckin' IN-side my buddy-dude. In his mouth....his ass! Man....I love this!"Back to the here and now, the boys around the table were mocking poor Sean who had received directions to the Quarry for him and his older brother Rory to meet the quarry boys that afternoon, and as the little kid walked away folding the paper bbs forum porn up, they broke up laughing hardcore porn bbs again noting his waddling retreat with boxers fly pasting cold cum to his limp hanging boy prick fozya lol bbs in his pants.School broke for the day and the kids were hootin' and hollerin' out the doors and down to the quarry.Sean had arranged for his brother to pick him up after school and they would drive to the quarry trail and walk down together to get their reward of Kurt's hot mouth as promised by Scott and the rest of the quarry boys.As they headed out, Joey held out for the kids to wait for Graig....their new cumdump of the previous day, but after the mobs cleared the outer they took off wondering how they missed him. Jerry said, "I hope he makes it down, I kinda liked the way he gets a grip on yur meat, yuh know?"Not even Kurt knew where Graig was, and he was in on the 'taking of Graig' by his big brother John last night. Kurt remained silent about that.A'course we know Graig had to report to John's machine shop at 3:30 that afternoon for god knows what. So that's where we'll take it for the moment....and get a look at what Graig finds as he shakily enters the front of the shop.Hands trembling on bbs trin the door latch, Graig opened the door and 12 yr bbs girl an ear-piercing screech announced him as he shrugged down at the sound. John turned from his bench....motioned to three other guys in the shop, and all were grabbing rags and wiping their hands as they headed toward Graig and with a hand on Graig's shoulder, John intro'd him cuties little bbs to the supervisor as a potential apprentice and then walked him inside."We're takin' our break now boy, and you...well, yore goin' on duty," and they all laughed. Graig looked up and smiled weakly, pretty sure this was going to be a miserable experience.They surprisingly were back the back lot, and now Graig was being walked and dragged bbs petite photos some to a mid-size van of Pete's. By his underarms, two guys lifted him into the back. There was a bucket of iced beers, a stool, and a mattress.The door slammed shut, and tiny illegal bbs the guys holding twink bbs Graig, Pete and Dave, just pulled his shirt up ptsc gallery bbs and over his head, and holding him from behind, Pete swung his lower body up so Jake and John each could snatch off his sneaks and socks, while Dave was undoing his jeans and pushing them to his ankles where John and Jake stripped them the rest of the way off.John's two fingers were in Graig's mouth, and after holding the slick digits in the air for the others to see, he sunk them up the squealing kid's collection pics bbs bung, while Graig kicked and squirmed. He'd have been yelping if his head wasn't hanging down with a mouth full of Pete's rising 7 incher. Dave calmly patted Graig's heaving naked belly, and said "Welcome to your new apprenticeship, boy. We work 5 movie sex bbs days a week, and half a day Saturday."With a hard finger jabbing his bare chest under his left nipple, Jake said, "You'll be here every day nn tiny angels bbs as well....and might I'll be giving yer all." They all laughed as they propped his shoulders on a bar stool and pushed his legs over his face toward Pete, and John was rubbing his peter up and down Graig's young, teen tail smile. angel hentai bbs Dave and Jake moved to either side of Graig's face, and his mouth was pulled from cock to cock to cock. He sucked all three guys as John readied him for ls charming angels bbs rear entry, he said, "Man...I took the last petals of his flower last night. Seems like he'd been the sport of some kids from school. And you see Graig, out of a bad thing comes some real good. You getting a whole new career op here at the machine shop. You'da never had this chance if I hadn't found you beating off naked in the street last night."John had been working pedo kids bbs up his buds at the shop all fuckin' day and they were so bbs svens ls horned for gettin' their nut, that it wasn't five minutes in that van, and Graig had taken the three loads bbs children down his throat and John was reaching flashover up Graig's toolbox.Pete, Dave and Jake would have their turns at Graig's ass shortly and rested with a beer and smoke, while tweaking and twisting Graig's nips. Pete had a kind of a wood skewer in the back of the van, probably left from some cookout he was at, and spying it, he snatched it and rapped a steady beat on gallery bbs little Graig's limp peter lying there in his sparse shocking girl bbs cockhairs. The boy jumped, yelped and whimpered with each stroke. The others were taking turns with the prick whipper. Some strokes were lighter some harder. Tiny stripes were evident on fresh bbs models the bottom of Graig's dick. Every time he lurched or jerked from the incessant strokes, John got a wild thrill as the boy's sphincter tightened onto his pistoning teen cock. "Gawdddd! Keep doing that boys...he is giving me the fuck a' mah life every time bbs uncensored you beat on his meat. Eeee-owwwww! This is the greatest!"At the quarry, Sean and his brother were coming out into the opening to the rock ledges the kids used as clothes change, spreading out and diving area. For several moments as they reached the end of the trail they had been hearing the squealing and hooting from the kids splashing, diving tiny pre bbs and swimming in the co ol pond. The echoes repeated over and over around the walls of the deep quarry and made it sound like hundreds of kids, both far away and close in.Sean's big brother, 18 year old Rory, was really antsy about this deal Sean had coaxed him into, but he really relaxed when he saw the layout and all guestbook bbs the kids funnin' in the water. Before they could even early girl bbs kds think about it, they were bareass and flying off sunbbs lsmagazine the ledge in limbs-out dive configurations resembling sky-divers more than kids hitting the water.The others made their way one at a time or in pairs to the duo to shake hands and of course give them each an obligatory swamping vlad model bbs splash to the face.Joey took charge of getting the afternoon into gear. Clipping the back of Sean's head, as he climbed out the water, he said, "C'mon, boy...getcher bro, and let's get you dudes serviced."Yelling from the ledge, his handsome long meat swinging, Joey yelled for Kurt to get a move on and "...give these dudes whut dey come fer."With the thought of boy service in play everybody was 'springin' rod' in the water and made for the ledge. As soon as Kurt was out of the water, Sean and Rory were shocked at how fast everything happened and how everybody seemed to 'change.'Joey just snapped his fingers and pointed, and Kurt dropped to his knees. "Mouth open! Tongue out mother fucker!" Kurt responded immediately....and robotically.The others were now all out and surrounding the three players, free teenie bbs Kurt, Sean and Rory. Jerry pushed Sean from behind and the kid stumbled forward into Kurt's face. "Give him his thrill, dickface," Scott ordered Kurt.Joey said, "Lookit! Lookit him! He is really a cock'spert now. He didn't even use his hands. Just got incest 3d bbs up underneath the little kid's dobber and slupped his diddle-dick right in.""Omigosh....look! Holy shit....So fuckin' fast!" elwebbs free gallery bbs board petit The were all yelling. Sean was so hot he fired his jam practically the second his dick, soft as it was on entry from his nervousness, shot off practically the second his dick touched Kurt's wigglin' suck-rasper. He free teen bbs grabbed on to Kurt's ears and banged Kurt's face in total, out of control boy rut! The worst of it was, that most of the humping was super-quaking his insides 'cause he bbs teen tgp board was in aftercum sensitivity most of the time he was in Kurt's face.Jerry bbs kiddy rape had been kneeling behind Sean, getting a between-the-legs view and ended up catching the collapsing young fucker as he fell from Kurt's mouth totally spent from the shockingly fast and wildest cum of his little life. Everybody clapped and cheered...and even Sean's brother, was forced to join in and clap as well....he felt awkward child rape bbs and shamey and all, but smiled with the others, feeling dumb-like, and applauded along with them.He didn't get much time to sun bbs little angels think about it as Scott moved in behind him and here he was an 18 year old virgin being moved into position for his pedo bbs dark collection first ever blow job by kids two and three years his junior....annnnd, in fronna his young brother too. Damn! Even his kid brother got blowed before he did. The kid would probably get laid before him, too. He never seemed to get anywhere with girls even with his drop dead good looks. He was really all balls with girls on dates and never got nuthin'.Mark, who'd been subdued since the previous night with longer was a leader of the quarry boys. He knew what he was, and he felt uncomfortable pushing kids into things he young virgins bbs was pushed into last night....even though he knew....this was the real him...the real Mark....hiding out in plain sight....his tongue working inside his mouth as he watched Rory being positioned for his first cock-suck lesbian bbs top by another dude.Mark found himself in turmoil though. He watched Rory's face....sure he was flushed and nervous...and having to be prodded up to Kurt's open mouth and sticked out, quivering tongue.But man....there was something else. Rory was about 5' 11," 165, slim and defined, with strong looking legs upper arms and solid wide ankles and his pinky white toes were wiggling up and down and now digging into the bbs photo 14y rock ledge. He was chicken-skinned and shivering, and his cock....his cock was hard as steel and standing up to his belly. Hey, Mark....and now the others....they were no magik bbs kds experts here....with but a few days of finding out about cock, and sex and boys and stuff under there belts....but they thought they got it. There was something. They'd seen it before.At that point Kurt smooched his face and lips up against Rory's belly and tugged the boy's handsome dick into his sucking mouth. Hot and fired as Rory lol bbs galleries had to be, he didn't blow off like his brother and soon was humping him some face like there was no tomorrow.....and then to the joy of all who watched, his fine tuned young body went rigid....the leg muscles stood out.....the hands clenched the back of Kurt's head....the final butt-buck up into Kurt's struggling head....the toes lifting him higher as he shuddered and shot his wad with a squealing wheezing scream at just over a hoarse whisper. And he bounced up on those fine, firm slender toes two, three, four times as rope after rope of jammin' boy jizz shot though Kurt's guppy-spuirming lips.Finally, he held in photo bbs nude the afterfacefuck till the tenderness eased shock bbs porn in his knob and he settled back, heels down and restarted pumping the dregs of his dog-water out over Kurt's tongue.Jerry was looking at Joey...and they both caught Scott young sluts bbs looking at them. They both had question marks all over there faces....then Scott after studying them....and looking back....almost cp illegal bbs staring into the inner Rory, he turned back to Joey and Jerry and smiled....broader....they did too now, shuffling their bare feet in some anticipation. They were pretty sure they knew. Scott caught Mark's querying look too....Mark candee gibbs erotic was probably the first to know....and he now smiled, albeit weakly, with the others.In a sort of pantomime....a slow moving unspoken set of actions were set into motion.Jer and Joe got Sean and put him on his shoulders, butt in the air, legs up and back over his face. Scott and Mark did the latin teen sex bbs same with Rory. They pushed both brothers butt holes together and got Kurt to tongue-dick their butts at the same time. Geeeeesh! This was too much. The kids' legs were kicking and they were squealing and begging for Kurt to stop and then they japan bbs sex top pulled Kurt off, and pulled Shuey and Paul down to tongue out each brother separately till they screamed hysterical.That did not take long. Quickly, Scott grabbed Mark, and Jer and Joe pulled Sean away from his big brother's butt and replaced him with Mark's tail. Shuey had kept eating Rory while the switch was made and Sean was distracted. Scott was kneeling with his face over Rory's from behind leaning down on his elbows while constantly talking soothingly to him mostly about how exciting, and crazy it felt to have your butthole eated out, and getting Rory to deliriously agree and nod and whimper....when Scott eased two fingers into the big kid's mouth. He took them in. Then another....Scott looked up at the others and they nodded as Rory suckled Scott's fingers like they were nipples on young ls bbs rompl a baby bottle....the incessant tongue digging into his asshole was Kurt's now. Spitslop was drooling out Rory's mouth dark bbs ls magazine and tears were running from his clenched shut eyes.Scott motioned for Jerry to finger Rory's mouth interracial porn bbs while Scott took his soppy digits and eased them past Kurt's tongue and through Rory's butt lips while Shuey bit Rory's cockhead and then went into a full vacuum sucking of the bigger dude. Rory knew, but didn't know....he'd been invaded....but sooooo much was going on...happening to him....he couldn't....didn't....Paulie was keeping Sean distracted by burrowing between his legs and sucking the now completely wacked out kid's balls tiny bbs sex while fingering his tailbud. Sean was jackin' his own prick, bouncing up and back on his toes and heaving sighs of delirious exasperation.....and then....while keeping this up, the other kids guided Sean to the boy butts in the air behind them.Scott grabbed a pair of boxers and put them over Sean's head, and again distracted him by sticking a finger through the fly to diddle the kid's lips while Joey squeezed hard to Sean's prick and eased it into the nearest hole he could find. There were yelps, and muffled grunts....and then a "Phhhwuuuuummfffmmmm!">From behind, a finger diddled and shoved at Sean's pucker and soon his buried prick was sinking bbs 12yo deeper into hot, moist pussy caverns of pure xxxxstasy. With his head and face covered, only his imagination of things known or guessed could help him. It seemed he was surging deeper into an endless tunnel. It bbs naked boys was sooooo hot! Sooootight....but slippery enough that he found virgin top bbs he could move his dick 'round and joy himself even more. He got extra thrills when it seemed every once in a while he got the tunnel to jerk up at him and jolly his boy prick even more. Soon the finger at his butt hole got him into a rhythm and he started to rut that hot slot he was in. Irregular and jerky at first....sometimes his dick came out too far and bent up on him but the other guys were right there to reset his boy pleaser.Jerry was still fingering Rory's mouth with four fingers laying to his tongue and deep back to nearly his throat. The big kid's tongue swabbed them nonstop the whole time.Joey, sporting the biggest hanger of all the quarry boys, and hefty at that, straddled Rory's chest, and right under Jerry's fingers, he slipped his prong. Jerry pulled two fingers out so Rory could get the best enjoyment of his first taste of boy sausage.With Joey now blocking the view in front of the teen gay bbs butt fucking Sean, they took the boxers off his head and littles bbs girls galleries Sean seemed to redouble the intensity of the fuck....his first ever fuck, that he was throwing into that faggot ass below him.Sean didn't really know what he was seeing any more in his sweaty-faced butt fucking romp, as the boys in front of him would wiggle, hunch filipinas modeles bbs forward and back, sometimes yelp, and then get up to be replaced by another dude.Given that Sean had shot two loads in the cafeteria, another in Kurt's mouth when he got to the quarry, he still came relatively fast the next time bbs little girls deep in the heart of this boy hole he was buried in so deep for the last 10 minutes.Paul and Shue had taken turns licking at his butthole and his balls from underneath and that kept him on rut after he shot his first fuckwad, and soon was bangin' the shit out of that butthole one more time. He was going for another 5 minutes and soon was ramming, and ham-slammin' that fucker, screaming his joy like a banshee, and they all laughed at the echo whipping 'round the quarry walls and back to them.By now every one of the quarry boys had straddled the fuckboy's chest in front of Sean while he shot his boy wad twice in the darks bbs ru last half hour....but....whut? As he picked his drooping head up in exhaustion at fuck's end, he saw the final swap of boys being made in front of was KURT straddling the boy's chest....but was KURT he children boys bbs was fuckin'. His confusion was doubled as he looked up...and from boy face to boy face....they were all there....all of them....standing 'round him....pulling at their dicks....smiling....there was Mark...Joey....Jerry....Scott.....Paul....Shue....and Kurt....KURT was sitting in fronna him on the fuckboy he'd been bangin' fer a half hour.....who was SUPPOSED to be KURT. Scott said, "Okay, Kurt."With that Kurt maneuvered his body around and off the dude's chest below him while keeping his dick in the kid's russian nn bbs mouth. He settled behind the kid's head....his balls on the child cutie model bbs nose of the fuckboy, cock being pushed over the ukrainian nude bbs samples squirming tongue it was sliding on. Sean's eyes bugged....he saw the tongue swirl up and around the side of Kurt's cock....lickin' it....the lips suck-kissin' at the prick tube punching through them.Absently, Sean's tongue wiped across his lips as he a near frenzy....he knew what he was seeing but his mind would not connect that last virgin schoolgirl bbs image dot....his face...his mind....were a blank....mouth open....he watched Kurt lean into the sucking mouth and face fuck it till he wheezingly gasped and shot his load to the gurgling, suckling sound of the cocksucking throat below him.....and then....shivering....and jolting from his sensitive dickhead's touch to Rory's lips....he leaned back on his heels and Rory's cum-slicked face shone once more in the bright sun of the afternoon bbs japan underwear sky at the nude porn bbs quarry.Sean stared at his big brother. Rory stared up at his little brother, squinting from the sun. "Ohhhhhhh, nooooooooooooo!!!! I fucked my brother.....oh Ror...I bbs forum young girls didn't...ohh...I'm still fuckin' my brother.....Rorrrrrrrrrrrrr, I'm soooooooo....."Scott was behind Sean rubbing his butt globes, "No yor not, boy. You just had the best fuck you might ever have. I bet he was better than any pussy you will ever blow your load into. You just 'member how good that felt just now, how sky high you wuz. How you were electrified! It will give you joy forever....but maybe, no cunt will ever please you after this. You'll be the only one to know."But...."Scott put his finger to Sean's lips and shushed him. "Look....and listen...." he said pointing to Rory's face. "Your big brother LOVED it boy! Also...just so's you know....he NEEDS bbs illegal girl it....tell him...tell your little brother....tell him....."A still somewhat out of breath Rory nodded up at his little brother....and in a halting voice....he said, "Sean, Seannie-boy...." and he reached his long arms to Sean's boy butt and pulled him into him....and again....tightly and.....held.Sean had never slipped out of his twice-fucked brother, and without any helpings, he harded like steel inside his brothers hole once again.Scott girls pics bbs nuzzled next to Sean's ear and said, "Not now have him every day now, 24/7. He needs your dick and most of all he needs to serve you....your most essential needs....he will now take care of....but right now....let's let yer bud's here enjoy some hot boy pussy."Sean maybe heard or didn't hear, but he was pulled out of his brother....his cock snapping up and slapping his sweaty tummy, as Scott sank his boy pleaser right through Sean's joy juice and free incest stories bbs told Rory to keep telling him how much he needs cock...."Just keep telling us'll be good for you to say it over and over....and it'll be good for your little bro too.""Ugh...yeh, uhh....I need cock...oh man, oooh....hurt....fuck...I need...yeh cock...need it. Suck....fuck ohgod...pleeeeze....ugnngh fuck me...fuck me....fuck meeeeeeee!"The parade of cock went on till twilight. Sean got another round of ass with Kurt, Shue and Paulie....he humped 'em all but shot his load in Shuey who also licked off Sean's cummy butt slime before they took a last swim.When the kids all climbed back out, they found that Sean and Rory had never gone in with them. While the others dressed, Sean sat on Rory's chest....sometimes it looked like they were whispering to each other....sometimes it just looked like they were quiet with Rory just diddling Sean's prick ls barby bbs at times. They were staring into their new lives with each other right then.The quarry boys filed past hand slapping kinder kds bbs Rory's and Sean's hands as they made it off the ledge and up the path back to civilization. Scott looked over his shoulder at Jerry and Joey and said, "Our work here is done," and they bust a gut laughing on up the path.Mark was the last of them off the ledge. He was drifting into reverie once more of last night for him....with he was where Rory was now. With the realization....and all alone bbs japanese nude in a crowd with his thoughts....and maybe some dreams dashed....while others might be forming....he wondered if Rory bbs list incest felt that same way as he shivered and digged his fisted hands deep into his cargoes....that tingle....that twitch at his cockknob....that incessant need.....for boy dick.>From back at the rock ledge, Mark could swear he heard sounds like slaps, or smacks on skin, "You let me fuck it 'cause you need it....awways NEEDED it! Fuckin' faggot! Big brother faggot."'Smack! Smack!' " Fuck you....FUCK you! You gonna be my my fuckin' cock slave... dickface! Got it? You GOT that??!""Yes-s-s-s...sir!"'SMACK'Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to Positive and negative comments welcome. For other stories, see JARROD on the Authors Page.
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